Live Gaming EventEdit

Live Gaming Event
This coming Bloodwar will see the teaming of the Varaco and Gayal against the forces of the Nosferato and Muroni. It's sure to be a blood-curdling killfest to take all others before it.

Remember that these wars keep our skills honed, our minds focused, and our eternal essence fulfilled. They are what make us the greatest of all creatures in the supernatural world—for when we fight one another for pride we are fighting the mightiest... because who is there greater than us?

As for the winners of this glorious battle, they will have the honor of sharing their fame with their respective team, whose bloodlines will hold title as the strongest of all until a future war brews. This renown is marked by the prized Phangdrite that is offered up from the crusts of the land itself.

They who hold Phangdrite hold the brazen title of victor, and shall wield it as a powerful trophy like no other. May each bloodline find themselves true, kill with surety and pay homage to the Darkside with the spilt blood of their adversary.

Long live the Bloodwars!

Event RulesEdit

The Bloodwars Rules

Bulletpurple 1. This is a Bloodwar.

In this marathon killfest you fight for the pride of your Bloodline!

Bulletpurple 2. This is a 48hr Live Gaming Event.

You have two days to prove your Bloodlines are supreme.

Bulletpurple 3. The Darkside Clock will turn green at 0:00 (DST) Feb 2nd.

The clock will resume to gold at the end of the 48hrs, and a homepage banner will re-confirm that the Bloodwars are over.

Bulletpurple 4. Players will playing Teamed Bloodlines vs Teamed Bloodlines.

This is a two-way battle. The Gayal & Varaco will fight against the Nosferato & Muroni in immortal combat.

Bulletpurple 5. This is the most important event the Darkside holds.

While participation is optional, know that your Bloodline needs you, and your choice to participate with your team will help to decide your victory.

Bulletpurple 6. There are no categories, and no collections.

This is not a tournament. This is the real deal. You will fight opposing bloodlines until the resumes gold.

Bulletpurple 7. This event relies on Scoring.

Scoring will dictate the victorious, and allow you to track your bloodline's progress during the event. (See section below)

Bulletpurple 8. Embrace Death.

The heal button is your friend. ^V^

Bulletpurple 9. As an addition to the main Killfest,

we will be giving an award to top Event-leaders.

Bulletpurple 10. Applicable awards will be distributed post-event.

Please expect awards within 3-5 days after, as we are always studious and careful in reviewing the event for accurate distribution.

Gameplay ModificationsEdit

Bloodwars Gameplay Modifications

The following aspects of gameplay will be changed as described:

Bulletpurple All Clan-restrictions will be turned off for the duration of the event. Clan-restrictions will resume when the event is over.

Bulletpurple There will be no XP loss for deaths. XP loss for deaths will resume when the event is over.

Bulletpurple You will receive Doubled XP for every fight won during the event. This will resume to normal limitations when the event ends. (That means you could gain up to 12xp per fight. Whoa!)

Bulletpurple Rage and Energy Shout Collections will increase to 20 per day during the event. This will resume to normal limitations when the event ends.

Bulletpurple FP Gifting will be activated at the Council. This will become inactive when the event ends.

BulletpurpleWar Boards will be activated during the event. Found on your Home page, these boards will be where you track your Bloodline's scoring progress, and will eventually dictate the winner.

War ScoringEdit

War Scoring
War Boards Scoring
As per #7 in the previous rules section:

War Scores:

2 = Kill

1 = KO

3 = Same Team Relay (See below)

2 = Self-Claim (this is technically only counted as a kill, but we are listing it for clarity)

Same Team Relay scenario example:

HairyVamp (Muroni) places a bounty on VampPants (Varaco).

VampPants now appears on the Hitlist.

BaldVamp (Nosferato) claims HairyVamp's bounty on the Hitlist.

Because BaldVamp and HairyVamp are on the same team (Muroni & Nosferato) and both are working against an opposing team (Varaco), it is considered a Same Team Relay.

Individual Event Leaders!

Using the Event Score-board, individual event scores will be awarded a prize.

  • Please note that only the War Boards are used for scoring.

The normal Legends boards are NOT recognized during this event.

Additional Notes:

»» The War boards will be accessible on the Home page in place of "War Results".

»» Bloodline scores will be tallied individually on the War Boards. (Overall Tab)

»» Individual player scores will be tallied on the same War Boards. (Level Tier Tabs)

»» The Bloodwars focus is only on the Major Bloodlines: Gayal, Muroni, Varaco, Nosferato.

Prizes & AwardsEdit

The following is a list of awards and appreciation prizes.
Award to the Winning Bloodline
Phang VGvsMN

Phangdrite is the ultimate mark of achievement. As well as the stat attribute above, its presence means you've won the Bloodwar and that until the next one your Bloodline is supreme. It stays in your catacombs forever as a reminder to all who came out on top.

Click here to read a brief history on the prestigious and mystical Phangdrite.

Runners-up Prizes

For the remaining Bloodlines after 48hrs!

Award Amount
176c Eternal Darksider Eternal Darksider Teeth 31 / Shield 31
x 1
180 Ultimate Massacre Ultimate Massacre Teeth 1 / Shield 30
x 1

Event Leaders Awards

Any Event Leaderboard

Award Amount
323 Lethal Disciplinarian Lethal Disciplinarian Teeth 30 / Shield 26
x 1
Qualifying Event Leaders are those who end each event day in any of the top 20 slots of any daily event leaderboard.

Only one award will be given per player, irrespective of how many boards they placed on at end of an event day.

Example: If you place on four boards end of event day, you still only receive one single prize set for that day. You will, however, receive another single prize should you make any leaderboard on the second day.

For Your Will to Participate

Play 1 Day - You Get:

Award Amount
Blood Warrior Blood Warrior Teeth 28 / Shield 28
x 1
Award Amount
Favor Points Favor Points (FP)
x 25
DarkEnergy 25 Dark Energy Orb
x 1
DarkRage 25 Dark Rage Orb
x 1

Play 2 Days - You Get All the Above AND:

Award Amount
Favor Points Favor Points (FP)
x 25
Unearthed Points Unearthed Points (UEP)
x 300
* Please note that that logging in to the game without participating in the event will completely disqualify you from receiving this award... not that any of you darlings would do such a thing ^V^

** For those who do not participate in adoption/fostering feature, please keep in mind that UEP is also used to purchase unearthed powers and may serve a greater purpose in the future!

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