Tutorial: How to Use Color and Icons in VDS Posts
How to Create & Change the Color of your Fonts and Highlight a section or and entire sentence of text in VDS:

Changing your font color is based around numbers 1-9. I only know how to do these basic changes so please hang in there with me while I learn the rest of the neat tricks and I will add them as I go.

This is how you would change your font using these codes...

To add color around a set of text or even one word, this is the code(I chose purple which is 6 on the color list) This is how it would look: {#6}yourtext{#} to end color To change a color after using one color, your code would look like this: {#6}yourtext{#}{#8}yourtext{#} Your text will come out with the first set being purple (6) and the second set being pink (8) So using a {#} at the end of your text will stop the color

To add a Highlight color to your entire line of text the code would look like this: Instead of using {#} you would use {$} with a number for the color (using the exact same choice of numbers as you would use for the font colors) So a sentence with both font color and highlighting would look like this: {#6} {$9} Nossie's Rule!!!{#} {$}

One thing to remember when you are using the highlighting in a sentence with colored fonts, some fonts will be hard to read if you use a highlight color that over powers the font color. Try it out and see what works first before leaving a message for someone, that's about the best way to see what works best for you.

Color List:

1 – Red 2 – Blue 3 – Green 4 – Yellow 5 – Turquoise 6 – Purple 7 – Orange 8 – Pink 9 - White

For your ease of reference, I've put as much of the code for different icons, effects, and colors as I'm aware of right here - have fun!

Bold - {!B} Italics - {!I} Underline - {!U} Overline - {!O}


Red - {$1} Blue - {$2} Yellow - {$3} Green - {$4} Orange - {$5} Purple - {$6} Light Blue - {$7} Silver - {$8} Pink - {$9} Default - {$}

Text Color:

Red - {#1} Blue - {#2} Green - {#3} Yellow - {#4} Light Blue - {#5} Purple - {#6} Orange - {#7} Pink - {#8} Gray - {#9} Default - {#}

Emote Name Icon Description Emote Name Icon Description Emote Name Icon Description
Drama Shield 30px {DS} got aod? 45px {AOD} SIRE 40px {SIRE}
Gray Kitty 30px {GREY} got foc? 40px {FOC} CHILDE 40px {CHILDE}
Pink Kitty 30px {PINK} halo 45px {HALO} FOSTER 40px {FOSTER}
blood poison 40px {BP} horns 45px {HORNS} CLANNIE 40px {CLANNIE}
Snail 40px {SNA} SMH 45px {SMH} BBE 40px {BBE}
Colored Heart 30px {CH} tag ur it! 45px {URIT} Andi 40px {ANDI}
Colored Star 30px {CS} BLAH Written 45px {BBLAH} Lillith 40px {LILLY}
Peace 30px {PEACE} weg 45px {WEG} Caine 40px {CAINE}
horn 30px {HORN} wht's up 45px {WU} Nosferato 30px {NZ}
i see u 30px {ICU2} u rock 45px {UROCK} Varaco 30px {VO}
Animated Kiss 40px {ANIKISS} almost 45px {ALMOST} Muroni 30px {MI}
BOOT 30px {BOOT} my bad 45px {MBAD} Gayal 30px {GL}
BOW 30px {BOW} nrg 45px {NRG} House of Letalis skull 30px {HOL}
Brick Wall 30px {BW} ow ow ow px {OW} House of Northman helmet 30px {HON}
Umbrella 30px {UM} BLEED 4 U 45px {B4U} Bloodlines 30px {LINES}
Silver Star 30px {SS} good catch 45px {GOOD} blooddrops 20px {BLOOD}
Cookie 30px {CC} need gift 45px {WANT} Coffin 25px {HOME}
Thumbs Up 25px {YES} GIFT PLZ 45px {NEED} Eye 25px {EYE}
Thumbs Down 25px {NO} CLAN PLZ 45px {PLZ} boxing gloves 30px {BOX}
0 Star 45px {SNO} 1 Star 45px {S1} 2 Star 45px {S2}
3 Star 45px {S3} 4 Star 45px {S4} 5 Star 45px {S5}
Health icon 20px {HEAL} Rage icon 20px {RAGE} XP icon 20px {XP}
Batsmoon 30px {BM} Cheese 30px {CHEESE} Blackcat 30px {BC}
Wine 30px {WINE} male symbol 25px {BOY} female symbol 25px {GIRL}
Band Aid 25px {OUCH} Clapping 25px {WTG} Heart Organ 25px {HREAL}
rose 25px {@} Kiss 25px {MUAH} lynched 25px {LYNCH}
smiley_VDS1 25px {VDS} star 25px {STAR} tombstone 25px {TOMB}
arrow heart 25px {ARROWH} present with Flower 25px {VBOX} broken heart 25px {BROKEH}
Burning Heart 25px {BURNH} Heart with Wings 30px {WINGH} Black heart 25px {BLKH}
angel 25px {ANGEL} cup 25px {CUP} newspaper 25px {NEWS}
eyes 30px {ICU} Byzantine Cross 25px {BZ+} Celtic Cross 25px {CT+}
Love Letter 20px {ENV} Gun 30px {BANG} Purple Flower 30px {PF}
Purple Heart 30px {PHRT} Red Shoe 30px {HEEL} Teddy Heart 30px {TED}
Caution 25px {CAU} Clock 25px {TIME} Cock 25px {CK}
Diamond 20px {GEM} Grenade 25px {NADE} Balloon 15px {LOON}
Bird 30px {RONAN} Phoenix 30px {XHP} Purple Flower 20px {LB}
Green Flower 20px {F1} White Flower 20px {F2} Red Flower 20px {F3}
Pig 30px {PIG} Cow 25px {COW} Beer 25px {ALE}
Cocktail 20px {CTAIL} Bird Poop 20px {BPOOP} Blood Run 20px {BRUN}
Fire 20px {FIRE} Garlic 20px {GLIC} cake 20px {CAKE}
Girl's Dummy 20px {GDUM} Boy's dummy 20px {BDUM} Bone 20px {BONE}
Ankh 20px {ANK} Red Fangs Teeth {RFANG} Fangs 20px {FANGS}
Lipstick 20px {STIC} Red Dragon 30px {DRAG} Rocket 25px {ROCK}
Scarab 30px {SCAR} Silver Crown 20px {STUTU} Gold Crown 20px {TUTU}
Lips 20px {BRAM} Whambulance 25px {WAM} Bunny 20px {WNUT}
Spiderweb 30px {WEB} Animated Hearts 30px {LUVERS} Glitter Love 40px {GLOVE}
Animated Vampire Bat 30px {VB} Pink Tutu 30px {LALLALA} Mankini 25px {KINI}
Red Heart 20px {RH} Big Cessa 25px {CESSA} Tiny Cessa 20px {TCESSA}
Happy/Chill Pill 20px {RX} Ice Cream 20px {CONE} Half-moon Blue 20px {HMF}
Dog 30px {DOG} Wolf 30px {AWOO} Kat 25px {KAT}
Frog 30px {FROG} Candy Cane 25px {CANDY} Gingerbread Man 25px {GBMAN}
Santa Hat 25px {XHAT} Holly 25px {HOLLY} Christmas light bulb 25px {XLITE}
Present 30px {PREZ} Rudolph 30px {DEER} Snow Man 30px {SMAN}
Vampire Snowman 30px {SMANF} Christmas Tree 30px {XTREE} Skull 30px {SKULL}
Easter Egg 1 30px {EE1} Easter Egg 2 30px {EE2} Easter Egg 3 30px {EE3}
Bunny 1 30px {EB} Bunny 2 30px {CEB} Bunny 3 30px {EB2}
Wanted 30px {URUP} Collected 30px {URDEAD} Sexy 45px {SEXY}
Nibbles 50px {NIB} Mine 45px {MINE} Love 45px {LOVE}
Bloody Tile A 30px {A} Bloody Tile B 30px {B} Bloody Tile C 30px {C}
Bloody Tile D 30px {D} Bloody Tile E 30px {E} Bloody Tile F 30px {F}
Bloody Tile G 30px {G} Bloody Tile H 30px {H} Bloody Tile I 30px {I}
Bloody Tile J 30px {J} Bloody Tile K 30px {K} Bloody Tile L 30px {L}
Bloody Tile M 30px {M} Bloody Tile N 30px {N} Bloody Tile O 30px {O}
Bloody Tile P 30px {P} Bloody Tile Q 30px {Q} Bloody Tile R 30px {R}
Bloody Tile S 30px {S} Bloody Tile T 30px {T} Bloody Tile U 30px {U}
Bloody Tile V 30px {V} Bloody Tile W 30px {W} Bloody Tile X 30px {X}
Bloody Tile Y 30px {Y} Bloody Tile Z 30px {Z} BLAH Smile 45px {BLAH}
eye rolling 25px {EYER} rofl 40px {ROFL} run 40px {RUN}
turn bat 45px {TURNB} stars 45px {STARS} Toutiribg smile 45px {TOUT}
clapping 30px {CLAP} shut up 45px {SUP} rolling 30px {ROL}
Wink 20px {;)} Big Smile 20px {XD} Smile 20px {:)}
Blush 20px {BLUSH} Confused 20px {:S} Cool 20px {B)}
Cry 20px {CRY} Devil 25px {^^} Innocent 20px {*}
Mad 20px {:#} Mad Nosferato 20px {VV#} Nosferato 20px {VV}
Sad 20px {:(} Surprise 20px {:O} Pumpkin 25px {PUMP}
swearing 25px {FECK} Bat Face 25px {BAT} Dancing Smiley 30px {DANCE}
Lemur 25px {LEM} Scream 25px {SCRE} Skelle 25px {SKEL}
Sick Zombie 25px {ZOM} Nozzie Joker 25px {VJV} Tongue 25px {:P}
Nod 25px {NOD} Shake 25px {SHAKE} Facepalm 40px {PALM}
Bowing 30px {BOWING} Dracula 30px {DRAC}

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