Relics are rare items that can be found during normal game play, relics provide benefits to the vampires that find them, they last for a limited time before they are lost and become available to be found by another vampire. Due to the bond between sire and childe, any relic found by a childe is given to their sire too.***Each Relic lasts for just 60 minutes, so spend your resources (Energy and Rage) wisely!***


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
FIST OF CAINE (FoC) R02 +50 to attack skill

Back Story
As is well known, Caine killed Abel becoming the first murderer, but hid the fact from all (except God, who knows all).

Legend has it that the hand that killed Abel became deformed and beast-like over time. Whether because it was cursed, or bore the mark of Caine, or for some other reason, is not clear. To hide the deformity, Caine wore a glove over the hand. As time went by and the deformity developed, the glove was altered for comfort until its final form. In this form the glove absorbed power from the beast-like deformed hand.

Some three centuries after Caine’s death, stories of the glove’s existence first appear, and continue to this day. The glove, known as the Fist of Caine, imparts powers to the wearer and is desired for this reason.


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
DRAKUL'S ARMOUR (DA) R01 +50 to defense skill

Back Story
This armour is said to have been fashioned by Vladimir, Count Dracul of Transylvania. He was known as Vlad, the Impaler. Dracul drew unwanted attention to the existence of vampires. Whilst vampires had preyed on humankind since our emergence about 6000 years ago, humans had remained unaware of the fact until the Dark Ages, and the activities of Dracul.

Legends and myths abounded in human culture, particularly in Europe and the Middle East. It is quite possible that vampires themselves were the authors of some of these stories as a cover for their activities. But Dracul removed any doubt and vampires have been actively hunted by humans ever since.

The Elders, infuriated by his activities, had him killed. All his (legitimate and illegitimate) offspring, and relatives of the first and second order, were also killed. His castles and other properties were destroyed. His servants were either killed or forced to flee Transylvania. It was intended that the name and bloodline of Dracul must disappear for ever.

A servant faithful to the Dracul's is said to have taken Dracul’s armour with him. The armour forged with vampire blood provides supernatural protection to its wearer. Some controversy exists as to what the armour actually consists of, whether a full suit or parts only. More reliable sources state that only the breast and back plates survive, doubting whether, in fact, the other parts were ever made.


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
LILLITH'S PACT (The Pact or LP) R03 Unlocks day walker missions

Back Story
Legend has it that Ra, the sun god of the Egyptians, feared his children would be killed by Lillith. Lillith is considered the ‘mother’ of all vampires. Knowing that his light would destroy her, he offered a pact that would keep his children and their descendants safe.

She accepted and, in terms of the pact, she can come out in daylight on the day following a new moon (in effect every twenty eighth day). On this day, the Sun will ensure that she is always in shadow, allowing her to move relatively freely in the day.


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
JUDAS CUP (The CUP) R04 25% more blood

Back Story
This cup is said to have been used by Judas Iscariot at the Last Supper and is the spiritual antithesis of the Holy Grail. After those events in Jerusalem, Jesus’ followers preserved the remnants of that fateful table, for posterity more than anything else.

During the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem by Rome in 70AD, the followers hid the relics and, it is said, they passed into the hands of the Essenes. Amongst them was the Cup, which the Essenes refused to keep. It has never been seen or heard of since, other than unreliable accounts placing it in the care of the Knight’s Templar (amongst other relics, including the Grail). The dissolution of the Templars and their treasures has further muddied the waters as far as the Cup’s whereabouts.

It is said that the modern incarnation of the Templars, the Freemasons, are in possession of the Templar’s more important relics, including the Cup, the Grail, and pieces of the True Cross.

The Cup is believed to hold negative mystical powers and is sought by evildoers for use in their rituals. Vampires are interested in this cup for more prosaic reasons, since it is said to fill up with human blood if emptied, and is thus particularly important to them from a physical standpoint. This is not to say that some will not attempt to use the Cup in a ritualistic sense, but its value to vampires is much more realistic than mystic.


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
BLOOD POISON (BP) R05 Biters beware

Back Story
Being blood-suckers, vampires can be affected by whatever the donor has consumed. Thus food, drink and drugs can be experienced by a vampire. Some things (especially garlic) have marked effects on the consuming vampire. Garlic, when mixed with human blood, is fatal to any vampire that drinks the combination.

The effects of other combinations (alcohol, narcotics, medicines, certain vegetables, herbs and spices) are not fatal to the vampire that drinks a donor’s blood. However, any vampire that drinks another vampire’s blood will be fatally affected by those combinations mixing with vampire blood. This is known as blood poison and is a serious risk to vampires.

The merest drop is sufficient to incapacitate another vampire. However, the effects of the combination (human blood, and its contents, mixing with vampire blood) wear off after a while. The time period depends on what the mix contains, the vampire’s own metabolism and age, what he/she has done in the interim, and when last they fed. The unpredictability of this issue is the main reason that vampires usually avoid feeding on each other. Mistakes can have terrible consequences.


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
EYE OF PROVIDENCE (The EYE) R06 All-seeing eye (Every Darkside bounty visible)

Back Story
In the earliest of history the All Seeing Eye was a powerful ring that gave its wearer a might beyond all understanding. Extended use of the Eye promised the assured a journey to insanity. Thus for centuries it was inherited, fought for, stolen, and gifted by only the highest of history’s rulers. It became a possession so coveted that death surrounded its very name.

It is recorded that Cleopatra once held it, but not understanding its value she gifted it to Julius Ceaser. Through his tyrannical reign he would sit idly, twisting it on his finger suffering the onset of the madness. Through the centuries after this cycle would continue as the ring itself was lost and found, used both secretly and openly to find victory and bring down nations.

During some stage in its lifetime, the Eye was able to separate itself from the band and become an entity all and unto itself. It’s speculated that hints to the time frame of this can be traced to the origins of the names the Eye of Provenance and the Evil Eye... as these are by now commonly linked to the All Seeing Eye.

Regardless the name, the ages will always move on and the Eye will move with it. It is an indomitable force locked together with the crux of time and the world itself. Woe be to those who hold it and even greater to those who suffer to it!


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
SEVEN LOCKS OF SAMSON (7 Locks or LOCS) R08 upto 50% more damage

Back Story
The moment the clippings of his hair touched the ground his fate had been sealed. So it was for Samson that he would find comeuppance for his singularity. However the center of his strength, his hair, had been laid into plans long before Delilah was ever offered silver. It has been said that Lillth had heard of this man who had been so divinely favored, and it was not divine favor she sought, but solely his power.

Having spread the rumors to the Philistine of the woman Delilah as being of good condidate for their wants, the Great Temptress slew Delilah and took her form. Thusly it was Lillith who had Samson's hair cleaved from his scalp, and likewise she is the reason that Delilah's history ends in that moment. Lillith took the seven clipped locks, wove them into small braids, and imbedded them into piece of jewelry. Until now, what that piece of jewelry was remained a mystery.

Found deep within an long forgotten ante-chamber, this powerful relic was discovered near a single scroll, which is allegedly written by Lillith herself. It reads: "He who bestoweth this adornment upon himself, shall momentarily reap the rewards that are the magnificent powers of Samson! Be swift in your aims, and let your fists strike true, for only sorrow surrounds those who encounter the last of his immensity".


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
TALON OF ANDILAVERIS (Talon or ToA) R10 Unseen by all (An Elder only relic)

Back Story
Beliefs and speculation regarding Shadow People range from religion, parapsychology, metaphysics, cryptozoology, demonology, and the occult. In truth, the Shadow People encountered are beings native to the Darkside. Our history explains that Andilaveris was the first to discover their ancestry here, and with his aptitude for supernatural power was likewise the first to hold a dominion over them.

In his quest to dominate them, Andilaveris constructed an ornate armored ring set with a shapely mineral which had been hollowed at its core. He immersed it in his ancient Dark Essence, poured out the command of his will, and finally descended upon the kingdom of Shadow People. He used this ring to imprison over half of their race within the center of the gem. From then on they would serve any whim of Andilaveris. But of the armored talon ring? It mattered not to the Vampire. Not long after his dominion he discarded it as a useless trinket. Unknown to him, the makeup of the mineral, coupled with his essence, the talon's age, and the presence of the Shadow Race, empowered it. It's properties now give any holder of this relic the power of invisibility, even if only temporarily.


Relic Icon Bonus/Reward
Judgment of Solomon (JoS) R11 Shares other gained relics with clan-mates *lasts 12hrs

Back Story
To find the truth between two women claiming motherhood of a single child, King Solomon threatened to dismember the child by sword, so that each may share it. Where the dubious agreed, the actual mother cried out in anguish to let it live... and thereby Solomon's wisdom reigned.

After his death this sword of Solomon was said to be magically imbued with his wisdom, but the sword itself had long disappeared into myth. In truth it had already been acquired and hidden in plain sight by an order called The Knights of Seth.

The Sethians melted its ancient steel and infused it with silver, creating a new weapon; this Great Axe was then passed down by General to General through the generations of the order. Claimed now by the Darkside, it is known as the Judgment of Solomon, and is capable of dividing the wielder's most desired objects into two. Those who hold it, hold the purest of power.

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